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Cheaper on-line shopping and your money back.

Cashback is a new trend in the world of online shopping. Today, I will tell you how to save money while shopping online.

Today, during the pandemic (but not only), more and more people make purchases remotely. We buy everything – from food to clothes to electronics. Why not leave a few pennies in your wallet by the way?

Someone has already thought about it and Letyshops is here to help.

Letyshops is a free application that allows you to save money while shopping online. Why this one among dozens of other applications? Because it has a huge range – you can choose from hundreds of brands (you can find a list of them on the application page). And all without fees or hidden hooks.
What should I do?

Just click on the icon:

You create an account,

You download a dedicated application or, in the case of a PC, install a browser plug.

Through the Letyshops application (or website), you choose the company in which you want to make purchases (you have a lot of them – from auction portals, grocery stores, well-known clothing and footwear companies to electronics and books, ending with popular brands).

We are redirected to the store’s website, we make purchases and … the percentage spent on purchases comes back to us – simple.
How much exactly? Each store has a different cashback – usually it is a few percent.

Using a dedicated application, you can easily and conveniently withdraw funds (to a bank card or PayPal). The minimum withdrawal amount is PLN 20.

In addition, there is now a promotion – if you register an account and make online purchases within 30 days for a minimum amount of PLN 50 – you will receive an additional refund (except for the casback) of PLN 10.

So why not use it when there are opportunities for it?

This is a great way to raise funds for your next trip or save money while traveling by buying accommodation or food.

Feel free and encourage you to use.

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